Electrolytic Nickel 1″x 1″


New measurement! 1 “x 1”

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Improve bathroom productivity by placing 1 “x1” nickel by reducing the amount of void spaces in the titanium baskets by improving the anodic surface.

Product from Norway.
We market leading brands: Xstrata and Vale Inco
Alloy zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper.

Nickel Ni 99%
Codam offers the widest range of formats and sizes:
Nickel Crowns
Nickel D Crowns
Nickel Pellets
Nickel Discs
Nickel Electrolytic Anodes (various sizes)
Nickel Electrolytic 1 “x 1” (new)
Electrolytic Nickel 2 “x 2” and 4 “x 4”

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