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Nickel Pellets

S®-Nickel pellets is one of the purest anode materials available, how it occurs resulting deposit repeated nickel, which gives the product a similar skin of an onion structure when examined in cross section. In addition to sulfur, which is tightly controlled in 0.025% S®-Nickel Pellets contains only small amounts of impurities, which is ideal for demanding applications. In addition, its spherical shape provides an unparalleled degree of fluidity with other forms of nickel. This means that the anode baskets can be filled directly or with the help of charging devices.
S®-Nickel Pellets other advantages. incorporated sulfur produces a significant reduction in energy costs, which varies from two to twenty percent, depending on the current density. Because it is an activated product S®-Nickel Pellets surface does not form a passive oxide film and dissolves uniformly, properly deposited in baskets without forming bridges.
Furthermore, the dissolution efficiency not dependent on the presence of chlorides in the coating bath, so that these can be eliminated or maintained at low levels. As chlorides increase the internal stress of nickel deposits, S®-Nickel Pellets reduces the level of chlorides in the solution.

Technical Specifications

Brand: VALE
Shape: Spheres 6 mm – 14 mm diameter
Packaging: Boxes of 50 Kg (10 Kg bags)
250 Kg drums.
Source: Canada


Chemical Analysis

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