Nickel Discs

It DISCS produced Nickel Copper Cliff Nickel Refinery were developed by Vale to meet the need for a form of primary nickel with improved handling characteristics and fusion. The purity of this product is suitable for producing most of the cast alloys and wrought nickel-containing, including low-alloy steels and cast irons, Ni-Hard and Ni-Resist cast alloys with heat resistance, alloys copper and stainless steel. By its shape and improved features merger, Nickel DISCS It offer a convenient and efficient way to aggregate with ladle for the production of cast iron and low alloy steels. The flattened spherical shape is ideal for mechanical and automated handling and loading operations of BOF and AOD furnaces. Nickel DISCS It can also be used for precise final adjustment of the composition in induction furnaces. Nickel DISCS are worth a nickel for general purpose loader purity reliable and consistent, ideal for large and small foundries. Systems of quality management for the production and packaging of Nickel DISCS It have been registered and meet the requirements of ISO 9001-2000.

Technical Specifications

Brand: VALE
Shape: Spherical pellets oblate
Packaging: Drums of 250 kg. / 50 Kg boxes.
Source: Canada


Chemical Analysis

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