Nickel D Crowns

CROWNS Nikkelverk Nickel is a D-form sulfur depolarized our product high purity electrolytic nickel CROWNS. It has been developed for electroplating operators have preference for a product depolarized anode.
D-CROWNS adds to the versatility of the product line of the company; its typical sulfur content of 220 ppm allows the product to be used in a wide range of operating conditions. Metal impurity levels are consistently low, as in other electrolytic nickel products Xstrata Nickel.
D-CROWNS has hemispherical shape with a diameter of the base of about 22 mm. Its shape provides smooth flow characteristics and easy handling. It dissolves easily and decanted well in titanium baskets. The packaging is designed to simplify filling baskets and increase operator efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Shape: Hemispheric a base diameter of 22mm
Packaging: 10 kg bags.
Source: Norway.


Chemical Analysis

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