Electrolytic Nickel 2 “x 2” and 4 “x 4”

Xstrata is one of the largest suppliers of electrolytic nickel in the world. Through more than a hundred years of participation in the industry and development of products to meet a wide range of applications, Xstrata Nickel’s name has become synonymous with quality, service and reliability. Xstrata quality is the result of research and technological innovation and is reflected in the consistent high purity nickel products. Nikkelverk Grade-A has one of the lowest total impurities of any commercially available nickel concentrations. For fusion applications, products are available as a set in cathodes, 50 mm and 100 square mm. A range of packaging options available. The service and reliability are well known and Xstrata
firmly established.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Xstrata.
Shape: Square.
Measures: Consult.
Source: Norway.


Chemical Analysis

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