Happy metallurgical worker’s day

September 7th
Happy metallurgical worker’s day

We greet all the workers in the metallurgical sector and we commemorate Fray Luis Beltrán, who was in charge of the task of manufacturing the artillery of the Army of the Andes.
Fray Luís Beltrán was born in the province of Mendoza on September 7, 1784. He had academic training in the transformation of metals, and was also very skilled with many other trades: draftsman, embroiderer, carpenter, watchmaker, pyrotechnic, physicist, chemist, blacksmith and even applied knowledge of medicine. His support for the independence cause of the Río de la Plata and other colonies in Latin America led him to give his life, even to resign from the Franciscan Order to which he belonged to dedicate his time and resources to he to her. .

We send our recognition to each metalworker on his day.

Happy day!

Team Codam S.A.

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